Liberate the country from fascist BJP rule, CM KCR tells people.


Urging people to be wary of the BJP that is on the prowl destroying the lives and institutions, chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao said all should unite to liberate the country from BJP’s rule.


After inaugurating the integrated collectorate complex in Peddapalli district, he addressed a massive public meeting on Monday. Mr KCR asked people if they wanted to live with self-respect or to be ruled by the slaves of Delhi leaders. Those who brazenly carry his Delhi bosses’ shoes come here and try to mislead people. Did the people struggle and sacrifice for separate Telangana only to be ruled by these anarchic people?, he posed. The separate Telangana fulfilled many aspirations of the people – be it more districts and decentralisation of administration, more welfare, and development programmes. Nowhere in the country, one could the welfare schemes that were there in Telangana state.


Now the country is looking up to Telangana for new leadership to lead the country. The BJP and Mr Modi let down the people. They are working for corporate companies, not for the people. Declined in rupee value, increased inflation, and unemployment rate are the achievements of the BJP’s eight-year rule. The increased prices of essential commodities, gas, petrol, and diesel vouch for the fact. The waiver of corporate loans to the tune of Rs 12 lakh crore amply proves it. Mr KCR pointed out that people should very cautious against the BJP that is trying to eye for power in Telangana by dividing people on the basis of religion. By hook or crook, they want power and are trying to incite violence. People should not let them have a say here.

“People of Telangana want water to flow in canals, not the blood. For that people should unite and chase away the fundamentalist BJP from the country,” Mr KCR said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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