KCR’s 4-hour-long TV interview creates record

In an unprecedented manner, BRS President KCR gave a four-hour-long interview to TV9 news channel, which smashed all the records on TV and social media platforms. Yesterday, from 7 pm to 11 pm, KCR sat in the TV studio and patiently answered all the questions. It is said that KCR’s interview is by far the longest interview of any politician.

Around 1 lakh people watched the interview live while it was on air, and it is expected that a total of 6 lakh unique viewers watched KCR’s show. The interview video, which was posted on the TV9 YouTube channel, has already crossed 1 million views, and the video clips of KCR became viral on social media platforms.

Local leaders and KCR’s supporters screened the interview at many places using projectors, and pictures of people across all ages watching KCR speak were widely shared on the internet. KCR spoke at length on various subjects, including irrigation, electricity, agriculture, and public welfare, etc.

He effectively countered all the allegations regarding the liquor policy case, phone tapping case, and Medigadda barrage issue. KCR reiterated his commitment to the people of Telangana and exuded confidence that BRS would return to power as and when Assembly elections are held.