What happened to your earlier promises, Minister KTR asks PM Modi

Prime Minister Mr Modi lost his credibility as he failed to deliver any promise he made in the past.

Reacting to the independence day speech of Mr Modi, the Telangana IT minister and TRS party working president Mr K T Rama Rao sought to know what happened to the promise of making farmers’ income double by 2022; what happened to promise of providing safe drinking water to every household; the promise of making the country economy to five trillion dollars and housing to every Indian by 2022.

PM Modi delivered a lofty speech and his goals for 2047. It is good to hear and enjoy but they cannot be believed going by the past record of his government.

Without admitting the failures, the new promises have no relevance and people are not ready to believe them, Mr Rama Rao said in his Twitter message.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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