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One year of Dalit Bandhu lights up many families

The prestigious Dalit Bandhu scheme aimed at uplift of Scheduled Castes introduced by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has completed one year.

It had brought a lot of transformation in the lives of beneficiaries. One year ago, the chief minister launched the scheme in Huzurabad constituency.

In Veenavanka, Illanthakunta, Huzurabad, Jammikunta mandals, a total of 13,944 beneficiaries were identified. As many as 11.480 beneficiaries were sanctioned Rs 10 lakh cash assistance and helped set up their enterprise with the officials.

About 2,464 are yet to get their benefit of which 195 units are underway for grounding.

One Gorre Abhilash of Huzurabad said his father used to work as daily wage labour and his mother worked in a clothes store. After getting Dalit Bandhu benefit, they started a mini-super Bazar. Now his parents stopped going to work and managing the mini-super Bazar. “We are earning Rs 2,000 per day and we plan to expand it further. We did not expect this change with the scheme initially,” he said.

The scheme helped SCs secure social prestige and economic independence. Many beneficiaries bought tractors, travel vehicles, harvesters, JCB machines among others. While many women formed groups to secure benefits as group units and set up computerised embroidery, garment shops, and others.

One Kothuri Radha and her husband Mogili used to eke out a living as daily wage labour. With Dalit Bandhu money they got, they bought four cattle. By selling milk, they are able to earn Rs 15,000 per month. “We are relieved from the uncertainty of getting work every day. We are assured now,” she said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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