CM KCR asks people not to get carried away by BJP leaders

The hard-earned separate Telangana state should not go into the hands of unruly and unscrupulous elements, said chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Addressing a public meeting in Vikarabad district, he said the six-decade-long aspiration was fulfilled in the second phase of the struggle launched by TRS. After 14 years of mass movement and sacrifices, a separate state was formed.

“You all blessed me and I delivered my promises. But there is a lot to be done,” he said.

The ruling TRS government took care of every section right from single women to farmers, girl children, weavers, Dalits, and whatnot. “I will continue to do more provided you should not get carried away by what BJP leaders are telling. They are out to divert people without doing any good to people,” the chief minister said.

Mr KCR inaugurated the party office, integrated the collectorate complex, and later laid the foundation stone for the medical college at Vikarabad.

He said PM Mr Modi failed to deliver anything to any section or sector in the country. He was stalling the much sought-after Palamuru- Ranga Reddy irrigation project. The local BJP leaders do not have the guts to take up the issue with Centre but here they misinform people and misguide.

It is the BJP that is responsible for skyrocketing prices of cooking gas cylinders, petrol and diesel that burdened all people, he pointed out.

The chief minister wanted the people to know what was happening in BJP-ruled states and how Telangana progressed over the years both in welfare and development. Now Mr Modi is trying to stall welfare programmes dubbing them freebies. “Do you want free power?” Mr KCR asked the crowds who cheered yes.

However, now Mr Modi’s government is demanding states collect charges from the farmers for power supply.

The people of Telangana need more welfare as they suffered discrimination and denial in the then Andhra Pradesh. Those holding much land migrated to cities in search of livelihood as they were denied irrigation water and quality power supply.

The TRS government is aware of the plight of people and hence coming out with more welfare programmes to undo the mistakes of successive governments.

Mr KCR appealed to people to be wary of BJP and not to fall into the trap of its leaders. It is time to send the BJP government at Centre to home in the next elections.

He appealed to people to debate these issues after going home to their respective villages and empowering themselves. They should realise the nefarious ways of BJP killing the popular regional parties.

Ministers V Prashanth Reddy and Mrs Sabitha Indra Reddy and several MLAs and MLCs were present.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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