KCR: TS Will be the ‘Seed Bowl of the World’

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday reiterated his intention to turn Telangana into the ‘Seed Bowl of the World’ and said that necessary measures for the same would be initiated from Ankapur village of Armoor mandal in the district.

The CM, who stated this while addressing a meeting of farmers at Ankapur said that Nizamabad district had already earned a name for being a self-sufficient and progressive district, and was exporting quality red jowar and pearl millet seeds to other states in the country, including Punjab.

He urged the farmers to ensure that their village led from the front in making Telangana self- sufficient in foodgrain production and in that direction showered many boons on the village. He also choose six farmers of the village for the green house cultivation project on an experimental basis, which he intended to encourage across the State.

The CM also wanted the farmers of Ankapur, whom he described as the best and most progressive, to focus on increasing the agriculture productivity like Israeli farmers and impart training for the farmers in the rest of the state on the best practices in agriculture and quality seed production.

Recalling his first visit to Ankapur in 1985, Rao said by that time itself, the village had earned a reputation of being progressive and had even had fixed deposits for the farmers in the banks. Attributing the village’s economic self-sufficiency to the women of the village, he said other villages should emulate the example.

“Here is the village, which gives least importance to paddy cultivation and more importance to commercial crops. It shows the way for other Telangana villages,” he said and advised farmers across Telangana to adopt the same policy, while explaining the cropping pattern of Ankapur.

On the occasion, Rao shared his own success as a cultivator and said he was the happiest person when a couple of farm leaders who had visited his farm house had complimented him on his methods and said he had set an example for others to follow. “I was very happy, since it was compliment from the Ankapur farmers,”he added.

KCR wanted the Village Development Committee of Ankapur to have soil of every farm holding and also the water from 670 odd borewells in the village tested. He wanted landholdings and the results of the tests to be computerised, for which the State Government would sanction a state-of-the-art computer. Referring to the latest equipment for water distribution he was using in his own farms, he said that they would balance the levels of chemical compounds in the waters and asked the farmers of Ankapur to collectively procure similar equipment.

He announced 90 acres of government land would be distributed among the 116 landless poor families in the village and announced houses for all those families under the proposed housing scheme for the poor. “I want it to be a modern housing colony, of which we can all be proud of,” he added. He also announced 100 per cent subsidy for drip irrigation to the village, with no ceiling or limitation. Officials were asked to ensure that whatever promises he had made to the village were implemented before his next visit.

FARMERS’ DUES TO BE CLEARED SOON: Ealier, addressing a public meeting in Armoor town, the CM announced that the long-pending dues of `11.5 cr owed to the red jowar farmers in Nizamabad district would be cleared at the earliest.

He said that unlike previous governments, which had limited themselves to mere assurances, his government was committed to keeping its promises made to the farmers. He said farmers need not visit government offices to get the amounts due to them as the people’s representatives and the officials would come to their doorsteps to give the cheques.

The CM, who had earlier laid the foundation stone for drinking water scheme at an estimated cost of `114 cr, said the scheme would be completed within a year and then there would be no drinking water problem in the town. “During the last elections I assured you that my government would solve the drinking water crisis, if the TRS came to power and today, we have kept our promise,” he said.

This apart, Rao showered a plethora of other boons on the town.

On the occasion, Rao also said that the government would ensure the completion of the Gutpa Lift Irrigation Project and its extension for 18 villages in Makloor, Velpoor and Balkonda mandals. “We are committed to the welfare and development of farmers. As promised, farmers’ loans are being waived, though there have been some hurdles with RBI’s objections. As many as 39,000 lakh farmers families will benefit from `19,000 cr loan waiver.Road and transport taxes for autorickshaws, tractors and trolleys have also been waived,” he said.

Reiterating that all the pre-election promises made by the TRS would be kept by his government, Rao said the enhanced social welfare pensions for the aged, widows and disabled would be paid from intervening period between Dasara-Deepavali festivals and added that new pensioner cards would be issued for the purpose. He said once the survey pertaining to Beedi workers was completed, they too would be paid the promised pensions.

Regarding the proposed housing scheme for the poor, he said it would be implemented conce the CID inquiry into large-scale irregularities in the housing scheme implementation by the previous governments was completed. “Each house will cost `3.5 lakh instead of `3 lakh as previously thought, given the escalated cost of cement,” he said. Stating that his Government was committed to ensuring drinking water to every village in Telangana, he said in that direction, a Telangana Water Grid would be developed. “After four years, there will not be a single house without drinking water connection,” he said.

Explaining the importance of the Integrated Household Survey (HIS) to be held on August 19, he appealed to everyone to be in his/her house and native village. “Every mode of transport will be used by the government for the purpose. Please cooperate with the government and make the survey a success, as it is intended for your bright future,” he urged.

CM for ban on schoolkids greeting him, other VIPs

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday directed the district officials not to make school children stand on the roads to greet him or any other VIP in Telangana during his or their visits to any place. “I was saddened at the sight of the innocent children standing under the sun to greet the visiting VIPs. It is not proper to subject them to such inconvenience. Hence, hereafter during my visits or any those of other VIPs visit, officials should not make school children stand on the roads to greet the visiting dignitaries,” he said.

CM’s boons to Ankapur

  • Rs 5 lakh for a huge platform
  • Rs 5 lakh for community hall from Nizamabad MP Constituency Development Funds.
  • Rs 5 lakh for Cooperative Society building.
  • Rs 1.75 crore for laying of road from Laxmapur Tanda to Ankapur
  • 90 acres of land for 116 poor landless poor
  • 100 percent subsidy on drip irrigation for all farmers in the village
  • Government to conduct free soil and water tests
  • Rs 1.5 cr for solar fencing to protect the farms from wild boars
  • Rs 1.25 cr for turmeric digging machines
  • Rs 2 cr for water-harvesting drums
  • Boons for Armoor Town
  • 100-bed hospital
  • New Municipal office
  • Model vegetable market
  • Air-conditioned meat and fish market.
  • Children’s park, Dhobi ghats
  • Assurance to speak to High Court Chief Justice for setting up a court in Armoor.

Source: The New Indian Express

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