KCR Names Agri Varsity after Jayashankar

As promised earlier, Telangana chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao officially named the agriculture university at Rajendranagar here after one of the key figures of Telangana Movement, the late Prof K.Jayashankar on his 81st birth anniversary.

“The agriculture university will be known as Prof. Jayashankar Agriculture University from today,” CM KCR announced at the university campus at Rajendranagar here on Wednesday .

Describing Jayashankar as a great fighter, he said, “He never stepped back during his more than 50 years of fight for separate Telangana state.” As a tribute to his contribution to the state, Jayashankar deserved this honour, Rao said and released a postage stamp on Jayashankar.

Rao defended his decision of naming the institutes after the Telangana leaders, saying it’s his right to change the names of institutes in his state and advised the Andhra leaders to mind their own business. “We live our own life, you live yours.” he advised them.

Describing his move as just a beginning, he hinted at more changes in future. “There are a lot of things to change in Hyderabad. We need our own names and our own culture,” he said and challenged the AP ministers to compete in development instead of making provocative statements. “They aspire to build another Singapore in their state but claim to be lacking money for paying the fee of their students,” he took a dig at the AP government.

Andhra students can still take admissions in Telangana universities under 15 per cent non-local quota but Andhra government must pay their fees, he said. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary arguments, the two governments should focus on major issues like power and irrigation.

At the same event the chief minister also launched a new scheme, ‘Mana Ooru, Mana Kuragayalu’, under which the state government will develop the surrounding villages of Hyderabad city as hub of vegetable farming. Around 2,000 farmers from 31 villages in Rangareddy and Medak districts will be trained in modern methods of vegetable farming to boost the vegetable production around the city. The government will ensure the regular supply of vegetables to Hyderabad city thanks to the scheme, according to B. Janardhan Reddy, commissioner and director of agriculture, Telangana.

The state government is planning to bring about a complete reformation of agriculture, Rao said and announced that the agriculture department would examine samples of soil in all districts of Telangana and prepare a detailed report to find out suitable crops for the soil conditions in every village. The crops will be cultivated based on the report. The government will establish Crop Colonies where particular crops will be farmed in favourbale conditions as the report suggests. He wanted farmers to produce more seeds along with grains. “The Telangana state should become a hub of seeds,” he said.

Rao said the government will tie up with private seed companies to market the seeds produced by farmers. If private companies do not come forward, the state government itself will form a seeds corporation and buy seeds from farmers. Citing the example of Ankapur village in Nizamabad and Mulkanoor village of Karimnagar district as ideal seed production stations, he wanted all the farmers and staff of agriculture university to visit both the villages to study their seed production.

When agriculture minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy sought more funds for the agriculture university, the chief minister announced a Rs 50-crore grant and said the government would develop it as a world-class university.

Referring to other major problems like power, Rao blamed the previous governments for the current situation. “It will take a few more years to clear the mess but our government promises 24-hour non-stop power supply to agriculture after three years,” he assured.

KCR speak:

■ It’s just the beginning. A lot of things will change in Hyderabad. We need our own names and our own culture

■ AP ministers should compete in development instead of making provocative statements

■ They aspire to build another Singapore in their state but claim to be lacking money for paying the fee of their students

■ Andhra students cantake admissions in Telangana universities under 15 pc non-local quota but Andhra govt must pay their fees

■ Prof Jayashankar Agriculture University will be developed into a world-class university

■ TS will be made a hub of seed production

Source: The New Indian Express

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