IT Minister Mr KTR faults union minister Kishan Reddy.


IT minister Mr KTR took strong objection to the remarks made by Mr Kishan Reddy over Bayyaram Steel Factory.

Mr KTR said he would treat Mr Kishan Reddy as brother but cannot stand when he is misleading people of Telangana. The BJP leader was silent when the Global Centre for Traditional Medicine that was meant to be set up in Telangana was shifted to Gujarat. Similarly he claimed that the centre gave eight medical colleges to Telangana which again is false. The BJP leaders were silent when the centre failed to honour a single promise made in the bifurcation Act.

Mr KTR said he had not seen a minister so helpless and who does not even have guts to apologize to people for his misleading statements. The TRS working president said Kishan Reddy was stating that they never promised Steel plant at Bayyaram but it was there in the bifurcation. He had been coming out with various arguments, one time there is no quality iron ore there another time the centre did not promise etc. Now he says it is the TRS government’s responsibility to set up Steel factory.

All these statements are aimed at pleasing his Gujarati bosses only. PM Modi should answer all these,Mr KTR demanded in his Twitter message. All the institutions meant for Telangana were shifted to Gujarat and  what kind of politics is this?, he sought to know.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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