Tribal reservation enhanced – another brave step by KCR.

The state government has decided to increase reservations to tribals to 10 percent from six percent. The decision will come into effect immediately. Chief minister KCR said they were vexed asking the centre for its approval. Two years ago, the Telangana Assembly passed a unanimous resolution to this effect and the decision is in tune with the recommendations of the Chellappa committee.

The state government contends that the Supreme Court observed that in special cases the reversations could cross 50 percent. Hence CM KCR took a bold decision increasing tribal reservation by four percent. The Telangana population is 3.5 crore of which tribal population is 31.78 lakh accounting for 9.08 percent of state population.

The Telangana government upgraded 3,146 tribal hamlets into Gram Panchayats that gave 27,682 tribals political representation in local bodies. The state government also constructed buildings and museums for tribals in the recent past besides according state festival status to historic Sammakka Sarakka jatara.

The state government allocated Rs 75,450 crore and so far spent Rs 47,258 crore. Telangana government reminded the centre that the Tamilnadu government has been providing reservation beyond 50 percent since 1994. CM KCR has been contending that the tribal population was low in integrated state but in separate Telangana state, their population accounted for more. Hence they are supposed to get their share of reservation in proportion to their population which is justified. He made it clear that the state government would not wait for approval from centre anymore and the government order will be issued forthwith.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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