Cultivate social consciousness, CM KCR exhorts students.


The future of the country belongs to the youth and they should develop a sense of belongingness. The students of whatever stream should cultivate social consciousness. They should be aware of what is going on around and in the country. Chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao was addressing the students at Warangal after inaugurating the Prathima medical college and cancer hospital.

In his emotional speech, he said he is aged and has nothing to amass. But one should know why our country is lagging behind and people still suffer. The country is richly endowed with abundant natural resources such as vast cultivable land, enough water, talented youth and what not? Where did we go wrong? Now there are some undesirable elements who are trying to poison the minds of people and divide them for their own selfish agenda.

Unless the youth is conscious of it and thwart their attempts, there is danger lurking around the corner. The fledgling Telangana had shown the way. It is up to one’s imagination. What was Telangana eight years ago? What is Telangana now? There is no magic involved, it is sheer grit and determination to better the lives of people and proper utilization of resources. The leaders should have good intentions, but sadly it is lacking today in the country.

Divide people, usurp power, destroy the social fabric and make our day is the motto of some parties and leaders. Mr KCR urged the youth to own the country and contribute their bit for its welfare and development cutting across caste and religion. India is like a bouquet that has different flowers, different hues, and different species. It should not be allowed to be disturbed at any cost, the chief minister said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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