Arundhathi Roy Extends Support To Telangana

Noted English writer, Booker Prize winner and activist Arundhati Roy has extended her support to the ongoing Telangana statehood struggle. She was supposed to attend the 25th Anniversary meeting of Manjeera Rachayitala Sangham (MaRaSam) in Siddipet today, but instead, she has sent her message. She informed the organizers that she is unable to attend the meeting due to other pressing engagements.

She hoped that Telangana should not end up like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand which are oppressing people’s movements.

Arundhati Roy wrote “I hope that will not be the case with Telangana, whose people have such a long and remarkable history of resistance, whose women deserve standing applause for how much they have suffered and for the victories they have won”.

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