Seemandhra Speaker Shows His True Colors

Nadendla Manohar, the speaker of state assembly has once again proved his bias by rejecting all the resignations submitted by MLAs of Telangana region.

Speaker tonight rejected the resignation of 101 Telangana MLAs cutting across party lines, saying the act of the legislators was driven by emotion. In all, 101 MLAs from Telangana region, including 12 ministers of the state cabinet, drawn from different parties submitted their resignations en masse on July 4 demanding that the central government immediately create Telangana state.

The speaker is understood to have taken the decision to reject the legislators’ resignation just before leaving for London to take part in the Commonwealth Speakers’ conference, Legislature sources said.

The speaker, they said, noted that he was rejecting the resignations after examining them from all angles and ascertaining the circumstances in which they were tendered.

“Resignations submitted in an emotion cannot be accepted,” Manohar reportedly noted.

The Telangana legislators are seething with anger about this unilateral decision by Manohar. Some MLAs like Nagam Janardhan Reddy have already issued a statement saying that they would resubmit their resignations.

[With inputs from PTI]

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