What is happening in Telangana?



This is not for erstwhile Andhra rulers but the Congress and BJP leaders in Telangana should know.
As many as 10 lakh youth are very busy preparing for over 80,000 jobs announced by chief minister Mr KCR recently.
Nearly 26 lakh unemployed youth reportedly enrolled in the TSPSC site.
The police department is organising free coaching in every district. The response was overwhelming. For 1,000 persons over 6,000 are applying and the department had to conduct a screening test. So also SC corporation, BC Corporation, even at DSP level, everywhere free coaching is being offered and an average of 10 lakh youth are busy in these coaching centre’s.
Meanwhile an equal number are busy with private coaching centres that are making a kill taking the advantage.
The TRS government promised jobs and delivered in an unexpected number at one go.
Even the ruling party MLAs are also running free coaching centres on their own at function halls in their constituencies, even offering free lunch to job aspirants.
The opposition parties in a democratic set are supposed to play a constructive role criticizing the government when it’s wrong and also appreciate its efforts when it works for the welfare of people.
The job notification is long awaited by the youth of Telangana and it has come now after a thorough study by the government. It deserves accolades rather than foul criticism from BJP and Congress leaders.
It is time that both the parties stop false propaganda and eye for just power in Telangana in next elections. Instead they should stop character assassination of Chief Minister and his family members. They should first win the trust of people. One wonders if the BJP or Congress has any presence at ground level now?

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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