Minister KTR objects to the remarks of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Telangana IT minister took strong objection to the remarks made by the Union Minister Amit Shah over his statements on the Hindi language.

Mr Rama Rao remarked that India is known for unity in diversity and every individual is free to follow his own language and religion. Anything against it is anti-constitutional and a threat to the federal spirit of the country.

The evil design to erase English and impose only the Hindi language on people is opposed by Kerala chief minister and Tamilnadu chief minister. If people wanted to learn Hindi, they will do so on their own but should not be imposed.

Mr Rama Rao said the federal spirit is the essence of the Vedic slogan that earth is all one family.

The IT minister also pointed out that BJP’s discriminatory policies posed threat to the social fabric of the country. Not just the Hijab issue in Bangalore, it is known as the silicon valley of India and its ecosystem are very much interesting.  Creating differences among people in the name of religion or tradition is too bad, he observed.

Without mincing words, Mr Rama Rao said the central government should go by what chief ministers of various states and people, in general, wished to do so. The Centre should not impose Hindi as compulsory and do away with other languages, particularly English. “The BJP is taking the country to a medieval level of governance which is most unfortunate,” Mr Rama Rao observed.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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