We have alliance with BJP in Lok Sabha polls, says Congress MLA Yashaswini Reddy

In a startling revelation, Palakurthi MLA Yashaswini Reddy stated that the Congress party has an alliance with the BJP in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to the press after a party meeting in Thorrur, the young Congress MLA added that the party workers should work hard and ensure a good majority for the Congress candidate. Surprisingly, Yashaswini’s aunt Jhansi Reddy, a senior Congress leader, and others who were standing beside the MLA didn’t correct her, apparently endorsing her statement.

The political grapevine suggests that the Congress and the BJP have entered into a tacit understanding for the Lok Sabha elections. CM Revanth Reddy’s recent statement hailing the Gujarat Model, referring PM Narendra Modi as his ‘Bade Bhai’, and reposting PM’s personal updates on his ‘X’ account have added fuel to the fire.