Warangal turns into a Tinderbox

With just 24 hours to go for the controversial tour of Chandra Babu Naidu, Warangal district is like a tinder box ready to explode any moment.

More than 2000 Telangana activists were locked up in 35 police stations across Warangal district. Among those arrested were TRS MLAs Harish Rao, Vinay Bhaskar and Ex-MLA Rajaih. The high handedness of district Police was visible in a couple of lathicharge incidents that left over a hundred people injured. Among those injured was a journalist from Eenadu. A police jeep ran over his leg leaving him with multiple fractures.

Pic: TRS MLA Harish Rao forcibly dragged away by police

Pic: Warangal Arts college students take out a protest rally

Pic: Warangal Arts college students sit on a protest dharna

Pic: Telangana activists arrested and lodged at Warangal Police Station

Several protests were held across the district by Telangana Joint Action Committee, BJP, CPI (ML) and the TRS party. Students boycotted classes and held rallies across the district. Students from Arts College conducted a rally to Subedari Police Station, demanding immediate release of student leaders, who were arrested.

Situation at the Subedari Police Station turned tense as a Degree student named M. Satish climbed atop a cell phone tower in the Police Station premises. Another student named Satish dowsed himself with petrol and tried to set himself ablaze. Timely action by students around him, saved his life.

Pic: Kanakaih, a shepherd was severely injured when police hit him indiscriminately.

Pic: Police drag a Telangana activist and arrest him

Pic: In Bachannapet, police drag people out of houses and hit them

In Bachannapet, Police resorted to indiscriminate lathicharge even on passersby. At one stage, the police went berserk and even pulled out men and women from their homes and thrashed them indiscriminately. A shepherd named Kanakiah, was severely injured, when he was pulled out of his house and  thrashed by the police.

Meanwhile, the State Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the district SP and ordered him to file a detailed report on yesterday’s events.

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