KTR lashed out at BJP national president JP Nadda

Calling the BJP as Bhakwas Jumla Party, Mr Rama Rao vented out his anger at the BJP National President for his maligning campaign unleashed by Nadda at TRS party and chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao.

“It is your own minister who said there is no corruption in Kaleswaram project but you come here and accuse the chief minister of resorting to corruption,” he pointed out.

Mr Rama Rao sought to know what did the BJP did to the people of the country so far. He wanted to know what happened to the promise of two crore jobs, doubling the income of farmers in the country, toilet, electricity, and drinking to every citizen. There are 15 lakh jobs pending for recruitment in Central government now. “Is it not a fact that the much talked about bullet train remains on paper till date?” he posed.

The people were burdened with several fascist decisions such as demonetization, GST, uncontrolled hike in fuel and essential commodities. “Is this your achievement? You better learn from your ministers at Centre how the TRS performing,” Mr Ram Rao fumed.

The IT minister pooh-poohed Nadda for shamelessly reading out the script prepared by a senseless local BJP leader.

“What moral right does the BJP have to talk about corruption and democracy by toppling elected governments in several states? By resorting to bad propaganda against the ruling TRS government and chief minister Mr KCR, Nadda proved himself to be no greater than Bandi Sanjay who revile against Mr KCR and his government.

The BJP should leaders lost all their shame by praying Godse at night and praying Gandhi during morning hours. The party is always engaged in dividing Hindus and Muslims mongering for power as if with a lofty ideal.

Expressing his ire at the ongoing drama being enacted by the BJP leaders in Telangana, Mr Rama Rao said promotions and transfers were taken up by the state government to assess the existing vacancies. In What way the BJP is concerned with the government’s work?

Mr Rama Rao also said “Yes Mr KCR is ATM for the poor. The poor derive much benefit from his schemes,” he warned Nadda not to further stoop and lose his stature having failed in his own Himachal Pradesh state as a leader.

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