Telangana government to set up Ethanol industry with Kribhco

At a time when the BJP government at Centre going on a selling spree of Public Sector Units (PSUs) even those making profits, the Telangna government has come forward to set up an Ethanol factory in association with the Krishak Bharathi Cooperative (KRIBHCO) Limited hat in engaged in the manufacture, particularly urea.

The Telangana State IT and Industries Minister KTR has allocated Rs 13 crore for the ethanol industry to be set up under the auspices of renowned Kribhco in Velgatoor mandal of Dharmapuri constituency.

The authorities have so far examined government land suitable for setting up industry in the Velgatoor mandal near the Godavari river and allotted 413 acres of land for industry.

The Minister KTR‌ allotted Rs 13 crore for clearing the embankment area of about one hundred acres at the site and setting up the factory and directed that site preparation. He said it would be undertaken by the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited (TSIIC), he said.

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