TRS may win 13 MPs and play a Kingmaker

The latest “Mood of the nation survey” by India Today & C-Voter has predicted that TRS would sweep the Telangana state in the next Lok Sabha elections. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi is expected to bag 13 MP seats and emerge as a kingmaker in Delhi too.

The tally of other parties (in Seemandhra & Telangana) is YSRCP – 13 Seats, TDP – 8 and Congress a dismal 7 Seats.

The survey results prove that the voters in Telangana state are going to reward TRS handsomely for spearheading the statehood movement for 13 long years.

Image: TRS set to emerge as kingmaker in Delhi too

Image: TRS would sweep Telangana with 13 MP seats

As expected the YSRCP is going to emerge as single largest party in Seemandhra region.

While YSRCP, Congress and TDP would be contesting this election in 42 Lok Sabha seats in Seemandhra and Telangana, TRS would be contesting in only 17 seats . That shows the margin of TRS victory in the coming elections.


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