‘T’ Legislators! Do or Die!

Now at this stage of Telangana Struggle, Telangana legislators of all political parties  MPs, Ministers, MLAs and MLCs coming together is imminent. TRS and JAC with the eventful support of Students, Lawyers, Vidyavantulu, Kalakarulu, and people at large in Telangana, have brought this struggle to its zenith. Today it can be easily said that there is no telanganite who does not want separate Telangana state, although their degree of involvement in the struggle may vary. But the political Parties in the state controlled by Andhra leadership are procrastinating with the formation of state with a cynical disdain and autocracy. Whatever be the predilections of Andhra leadership, T- legislators are representing the people of Telangana; when all the Telngana people with one mind yearning for Telangana, how long these legislators can ignore this near unanimous desire of their constituency.

The T- Congress elements, for the last 10 years, more particularly in the last one and half year, are waxing and waning about Telangana state, according to the mood of their ‘adhishtanam’. They are prepared to postpone the issue endlessly as per the hollow political promises of adhishtanam, knowing full well the end result. If questioned, they become truculent and claim patronizingly that, they are doing more than anybody, despite being in the ruling party. As if to suggest, being in the ruling party makes them slaves of ‘adhishtanam’ and insulates them from representing the aspirations of their constituencies. The T-ministers are the least sensitive to Telangana Struggle. Their commitment appears to be more to the ministerial benefits than to their people. The T- MPs are very vocal without achieving anything; their clout with their adhishtanam appears to be minimal. The T- MLAs and MLCs, majority of them are cooling their heels in their homes. A few of them are blowing hot and cold depending on the heat in the region. The ‘ajeeb gareeb’ padayatra of Jupally explains typically the hypocrisy of these legislators’ thinking. This lackadaisical attitude of T-Congress legislators is the most precarious factor in Telangana Struggle. These elements are unable to comprehend the historical opportunity and are not rising to the occasion.

As for T-TDP legislators, their loyalty to CBN appears to be more important than Telangana Struggle. If they say so, categorically, there will not be much problem. But, their supremo’s shameless volte face on Telangana, subsequent two eyed theory on the Struggle and dramatics of some of these legislators create a murky political situation in Telangana. The political pranks of Nagam and a few others in TDP create some interesting events. But they will not dare to fully unleash themselves from CBN and come in to the main stream of Telangana Struggle. They will indulge in all kinds of double speak and claim as if they are the real champions of Telangana.They go to the extent of questioning the credentials of KCR and Kodandaram. Mr.Nagam is not able to extricate himself from the strangle hold of CBN but demand JAC to come away from TRS and rally round likes of him, who are not masters of their own decision. Everybody knows Telugudesham is synonymous with Andhra chauvinism and CBN is the arch enemy of Telangana. Arguably he is the most unscrupulous politician in the country today. Maintaining links with this crooked, andhra chauvinist, any T-TDP legislator may bark his commitment to Telangana how ever loud he can; it is not going to make any impression on Telangana people. The statements by some T-TDP legislators eulogizing CBN’s approval for Telangana and their freedom in this matter and creation of a bus load of Telangana ’samanvaya’ (?) committee in TDP are part of the ‘Goebbelese’ for which CBN is notorious. The only way left to T-TDP legislators to show their commitment to Telangana is, the way of Pocharam. They should emulate the clarity of mind, courage of conviction and political values exhibited by Pocharam. They need not join TRS, if they don’t like it; they can form a different political group, help Telangana state formation and pursue their politics in whatever manner they like in the separate state. They should know that CBN is a millstone around their necks. Telugu Desham Party is irrelevant to Telangana now or ever.

It is TRS, which has gone through all the vicissitudes of the arduous campaign for Telangana for the last 10 years. It is JAC and all its constituents, which have braved the draconian onslaught of all Andhra government, while T- ministers assisted Andhra government and T-Congress and T-TDP legislators were watching from the sidelines. It is they who have the patent right for Telangana Struggle if it is needed. Yet, they are not claiming it. They were inviting all along the T- legislators to come together and claim the credit jointly. But these sincere pleas fell on the deaf ears of these self centered politicians. Now after all this, they have the temerity to question the credentials of TRS and JAC. This political chicanery is inexplicable and has no substance what so ever.

Sonia Gandhi is losing her sheen because of her becoming a hostage to her coterie politics. Rahul Gandhi’s political incompetence is getting exposed slowly but surely. CBN’s unscrupulous politics are exhibited vividly every day. It is paradoxical to see, why T-Congress and T-TDP legislators still cling to the apron strings of this moribund leadership in the matter of Telangana despite overwhelming demand of the people. Is it because of their lack of political wisdom or their political slavery for which they were assiduously trained by their leadership over the years? It does not make any sense. This pathological subservience to their political bosses by Telangana legislators defies any logic. Perhaps it is for the short term benefit of a few bread crumbs and/or their second class political mentality. They are about 100 strong; if they throw their weight with Telangana people the separate state is a reality, in a matter of days. If not it will be delayed and the T’people will have to undergo further suffering. But they have brought the Struggle to such a stage; demerger of the state is the only solution. Let it take any length of time. There is no other alternative.

Whatever be it, the present Telangana Struggle has brought these legislators to a cross road; where either they have to join it and help get the state, claim glory, or lick the boot laces of their political bosses to thwart Telangana state and go in to a political oblivion. Choice is theirs. Let us hope that wisdom dawns on their warped up minds, at this hour of need.

– J R Janumpalli

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