A Visha Vruksham Called Parakala Prabhakar

One of the main objectives of MissionTelangana, is to expose the double talk of Seemandhra leadership. In this article, we wish to bring out the true colors of a guy, who has suddenly realized the importance of keeping the state united.

His name is Parakala Prabhakar!

Sounds familiar? Yes, its the same Parakala Prabhakar who is seen in ‘x’ party today and ‘y’ party tomorrow. Its the same Prabhakar who hosts talk shows on TV. Its the same Prabhakar who was educated at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE).

And what is he doing to help keep the state united?

He launched a Facebook group called Visalandhra Mahasabha!

WOW. Isn’t that a great place to start a ‘movement’? 😀

And then, he started writing articles on his blog and elsewhere peddling his own theories about Telangana movement. The gist of his arguments is that Telangana movement is not a genuine people’s movement and it is a result of political opportunism and the grievances of Telangana people are not genuine.


We know you are disappointed. We expected better stuff from an Ex-LSE guy. Isn’t it the same crap we were hearing from all the United AP guys? Then what is this new kid on the block adding to the whole argument?

Well, he is not adding anything to the argument. He is just promoting old arguments at new avenues. His new round of propaganda is not going to make any impact what-so-ever on the Telangana movement.

Then, why are we even writing this article?

We wanted to share some background on this educated chameleon and expose his double-talk.

Parakala Prabhakar served as a spokesperson for BJP, then he went on to become the founding member of Praja Rajyam Party. And when Chiranjeevi denied him the Narsapur MP ticket, Parakala resigned from that party.

You would love to read this quote from The Hindu about what Parakala said while he was in PRP:

“We want the State to be divided like brothers in a family. We respect the ‘atma gouravam’ and ‘atma abhimanam’ of the Telangana people and we said we will never come in the way if separation is necessary”

This is the same guy who is spitting venom on Telangana movement now!

Isn’t it a classic example of how shameless can some people get for their selfish needs.

There is another twist to this story. Parakala Prabhakar’s wife Nirmala Sitharaman serves as the national spokesperson of Bharatiya Janatha Party. And here is a statement she issued some time back: (as reported in DNA)

“The BJP stand on the matter is very clear from the beginning. We have taken one line on Telengana that in 1997 BJP had passed a resolution on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. BJP has always been in favour of smaller states. It is in favour of Telengana”

We are sure, you never saw such naked examples of opportunism and double-talk before.

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