Tell one good deed that BJP government did to the country, CM KCR asks people.


Coming down heavily on Prime Minister Mr Modi who asked the non-BJP state government to reduce tax on fuel, the chief minister Mr KCR ripped him apart.

Telangana never raised the tax on fuel except adjusting a few paise in 2015 on the recommendation of officials. How can Prime Minister Mr Modi ask for a reduction of tax from state governments? Instead, the Centre can do it but it will not do it.

Mr KCR said the BJP is adopting double standards and blaming the non-BJP ruled states for the plight of the people of the country. It did not a single good deed for the people so far.

The prices are high, inflation is high, the unemployment rate is high, the GPD is lowest, and fuel prices are rising every day, and what not?

What all the BJP is doing is perpetrating fundamentalism and creating unrest among the people in the country. This is a warning to the people of the country. Just imagine what happens if the country is thrown into civil unrest. It is not good for the people.

People want food, water, power, and income not religion or caste as is being advocated and spread by the BJP across the country. They do no good to the people. Crores of people are still deprived of basic needs. The country needs an alternative development plan and policies to improve the standards of people.

The TRS will be at the forefront in such an effort and will get along with others as well as when the time calls.

Mr KCR said they are not anti-BJP or anti-Congress or something else. They are for pro-people’s front and a sound manifesto to people across the country.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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