The ruling TRS chief minister KCR to play a role in national politics.


The ruling TRS party chief Minister Mr K Chandrasekhara Rao has hinted directly that he would take a lead in building a new force at centre.
Neither being harsh on BJP or Congress, he said his idea of force or front will be for the poor and betterment of the country.
The vast natural resources like water, power,  human resource, and many others are not being tapped by the successive governments since independence. Be it tourism or GDP, we are lagging behind Singapore or China for reasons known to the rulers of past regimes.
Mr. KCR said one regime goes and another comes but no benefit to the people. Now we want an agenda of people for them not for political parties.
Mr. KCR was anguished at the state of affairs prevailing in the country during his conclusive speech at yesterday’s plenary of the party.
He said following the increased demand and desire of people and other leaders, he would take a lead in national politics as the time unfolds.
Fundamentalism which is on the prowl being nurtured by BJP will not help people in any way. Hence such forces should be rejected by people who want peace, jobs, and income, Mr KCR said.

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