Telangana set to become anaemia capital of AP

Telangana region is set to become the capital of anaemia, according to Dr V Janaki, asst. Prof. in gynaecology at Niloufer Hospital. More than 20 percent of girls are dying, and more than 40 percent of the female population is affected with the disease in the region, she said.

Speaking at a media conference here on 6th May to promote awareness about anaemia and its manifestations, Janaki said girls especially in rural areas grow up malnourished, which leads to anaemia.

The Telangana region, with its 40-80 percent of the female population suffering from anaemia, has witnessed a surge in number over the years, she said. “Anaemic would-be mothers have more chances of losing their lives and delivering unhealthy babies if it is not diagnosed, said Dr. Janaki adding awareness programmes must be organised in rural areas to educate people.

Throwing light on the causes of the disease, Dr. Uma Jaiswal, another gynaecologist, explained that anaemia is a condition wherein the body has a deficit of red blood cells, a protein that makes blood red. Lack of haemoglobin leads to iron deficiency, which causes anaemia and various other complications.

As per WHO standards, at least 10 gm/dl of haemoglobin must be present in any person to be called healthy and it must be higher for pregnant women, she said.

Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) is the most common form of the diseases which causes pre-term pregnancy and sepsis, the presence of pus-forming bacteria in the blood or tissues.

The disease also one of the major cause of deaths during pregnancy. “As the problems of girls are ignored and they grow up with IDA, which lead to further complications.” explained Dr Jaiswal. [Express News Service]

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