Congress Party’s election frenzy

The congress party has gone in to an overdrive for the upcoming by elections in Andhra region of the state. It is not because of the usual traditional political opposition, but it is because of the challenge of its own Frankenstein’s monster, Jagan.

The party has assiduously created and fostered the YSR Frankenstein in the state. It took pride as an indulgent parent when it plundered state resources left and right and help filled the coffers of congress party and feathered its own nest lavishly. For, nobody does anything for free. It felt wonderful as long as it lasted with regular kickbacks stumbling in and taking them on to cloud nine with the promise of making Rahul Gandhi as PM. But as the providence will have it, the fate has decided otherwise. The Frankenstein has died. The rollercoaster larceny is stopped in its tracks. The Congress Party was left high and dry in the state. To make matters worse the monster of Frankenstein survived in Jagan and started demanding its pound of flesh. From there, the skullduggery of Congress Party in the state has started. Steadily the political ambiance in the state has transformed into a two point program of suppression of Telangana movemnt and defeating Jagan.

In the context, all the devious schemes of Congress coterie have failed one by one and compounded the woes for the party. Rosaiah’s ‘dhritharastrapalana’, Kiran Reddy’s ‘ajeeb, gareeb’ administration, Sonia’s Telangana phobia, duplicity in dealing with the corruption of YSR have all contributed to the malaise.

The party has lost all the by-elections in Telangana. The loss of Kovvuru election in Andhra in March is a severe jolt to the party. It was a particular pointer for its future political fortunes in Andhra region. The present 18 by-elections barging in on the heels of the, disastrous March by-elections has made Congress party paranoid. It went into an overdrive of micro management. Madame Gandhi monitoring the election campaign; the flutter of voyages of several Congress functionaries in to the state to forge an united front in the fractured state congress; day to day specious surveys; trying to flog the regular run of the mill, so called ‘government development’ schemes etc., are some of the activities. There is no fixed indication as to the leading success of these tactics elsewhere. Especially in the background of KKR and the coterie’s specious proxy governance of the state with the obsession of containing Telangana, there is nothing for the congress party to publicize in Andhra region for these elections

Therefore they have decided to script a few climactic episodes in the ongoing ‘soap opera’ of ‘operation Jagan’, directed by their ‘handmaiden’ the CBI. Summoning of Jagan to court on 28th of this month; freezing of bank accounts of Jagathi Publication and others; the possible arrest of Jagan before elections etc., All this is done to make Jagan ‘horse de combat’ in the by-elections and derive advantage for Congress Party. But is it going to happen?

In politics people are not as punctilious as moralists in moral sciences. Let us analyze the situation. Jagan is the Frankenstein’s monster. YSR is the Frankenstein created by Congress party. The Party is the owner and beneficiary of the Frankenstein’s deeds. Jagan is only a beneficiary. The party owns the schemes of YSR, but not willing to own the corruption in the schemes. It is an open secret that Congress party is the major beneficiary of YSR’s corruption. Then why this double standards of owning the schemes; exonerating the party; passing the buck on corruption to Jagan; conducting the CBI enquiry as per Congress Party’s script? The principal political parties Congress and TDP are neck deep in the corruption of the type for which Jagan is prosecuted. Anti-incumbency, omissions and commissions also matter. People will draw lines and may favor the smallest line. Purists and moralists may not agree with this. But, what will people do, if they have no choice?

Congress party is the culprit. Sonia’s UPA-2, its autocratic mis-governance by proxy, is the cause for the political mess in the state. The Party itself is not confident. They are not able to find willing candidates for the bypolls. Some chosen candidates are not keen on contesting. They think winning some 6 seats will be enough and if they win 50% seats that would be a great victory. They are also thinking of imposing President’s Rule for some time. It is like penalizing people for the party’s sins. These are all thoughts of political bankruptcy. They have created the Frankenstein and it is they who have to face the challenge of Frankenstein’s monster. It is between them. If YSRCP wins it is not in a small measure the Telangana imbroglio would have contributed to it. For, T’movement crippled the functioning of government in Andhra region too. The win of YSRP in majority of seats in the by elections will weaken the Congress Party in the state, that will be a definite advantage to Telangana.

In that event, winning Parkal with a thumping majority by TRS will be like’ icing on the cake’.

J R Janumpalli

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