Telangana registers unprecedented growth in the country : CM Mr KCR

The per capita income of the state in 2014 before the formation of Telangana state was Rs One lakh which rose to Rs 2,78,500 now.

A total of 33 new districts were carved out as part of decentralisation of power. Scores of Gurukula schools were set up and Aasara pensions were sanctioned to all distressed sections of the society.

The chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao was addressing a public meeting at Medchal district after inaugurating the new integrated collectorate complex on Wednesday.

The GSDP of the state which was rupees five lakh crores in 2014 is today Rs 11.50 lakh crores. One could imagine how Telangana state is making rapid strides in development.

No other state including those ruled by the BJP could be compared with Telangana on any parameter, he said.

Mr Chandrasekhar Rao wanted people to remember how the Telangana region and its people were discriminated against and deceived by successive rulers. Now after the formation of separate Telangana, people are heaving a sigh of relief as they are getting all that was due to them – be it funds, development, or jobs. “I made you promises and kept them up. A lot has to be done,” the chief minister said.

There were some political parties and forces such as BJP that were trying to create hatred among people for their political gains. People should be cautious against such forces as once people are divided, nothing could be done.

Mr KCR asked the people to keep BJP at bay and not let them play their cheap tricks in Telangana and turn into another state like northern states where violence is the norm of the day.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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