Telangana parties to sweep in elections: CM’s secret survey

A  highly confidential survey commissioned by state Chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy has proved what many people in the state have been thinking for long. Pro-Telangana parties are going to decimate Congress and TDP in Telangana region.

The TRS, BJP combine is projected to bag a whopping 75 seats in Telangana region if elections were to be held now. Congress, TDP and YSRCP, which have deceived the Telangana people, are going to be taught a fitting lesson in upcoming elections.

The TRS party, which is spearheading the Telangana statehood movement, would be getting 60 seats. The BJP might also get benefited due to its pro-Telangana stance. It is projected to increase its tally to 15 seats.

While the ruling Congress might be restricted to just 12 seats, TDP would almost be washed out of the region with just 7 seats. YSRCP is projected to get about 14 seats.

The survey is definitely going to cause tremors in Telugu Desam Party, as it is relegated to the last position among all contesting parties in Telangana region. Many TDP leaders are already preparing to come out of the party and such survey reports might hasten the exodus.

The survey results show that there is a clear possibility of a hung Assembly for the first time in AP history.

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