TDF, Canada Bathukamma Celebrations 2016 – A Grand success

Bathukamma festival celebrated at Meadowvale Park in Mississauga (city), Ontario (Province) on September 24th, 2016 gave an impression of a Telangana village air dropped in Canada.

Telangana Development Forum, Canada (TDF) Greater Toronto Area (GTA) chapter organized the Annual Bathukamma festival with such traditional flavor that everyone who participated were found awestruck and felt so happy to be part of this event. The event was celebrated a week before the season begins in Telangana, India due to the cold weather that starts in Canada very soon.

The day reflected great Telangana tradition and rich culture in every essence of Festival, songs, plays, dressing, food, friendship and every bit of its walk and talk.

The turnout was around 500 and besides the Telanganite families turned up in huge numbers participants also included non Telanganites and some local ethnic community families too, who were so impressed with the Bathukamma “ata”, “pata” (play, song) and the rich tradition being celebrated in lush green and pleasant weather. Women from Families of Telangana origin made colorful Bathukammas from attractive seasonal flowers, assembled at the venue and celebrated the festivities by using Native Telangana clapping and circling around Bathukammas by singing Bathukamma songs.

Later the Bathukammas were bid farewell for the year by immersing them in the creek. On this occasion, Elders explained the significance of Bathukamma festival in the Telangana tradition and life style to young generation, who were keen on knowing every aspect of the festivity. Later the participants were treated to the delicious Telangana food that reminded everyone to “Amma Chethi Vanta” (food cooked by mother). Sports and coloring activities were conducted for youth and children.

After recreational activities, all families returned home with unforgettable memories of the event along with gift hamper sent by Department of Culture and Tourism, Government of Telangana with whom TDF, Canada associated to perform this year’s Bathukamma.

Organizers thanked volunteers, sponsors and everyone for their participation and making the event a grand success. They vowed to take this momentum forward in organizing more events that propel the rich and grand Telangana culture and tradition.

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