TDF Bay Area chapter celebrates Bathukamma

Fremont, California – October 6th, 2013:  TDF Bay area chapter celebrated auspicious “Bathukamma” festival in a unique way at Lake Elizabeth Park in Fremont, California on Oct 6th, 2013. The participants gathered from various parts of Bay area to reinvent cultural identity of this unique festival of Telangana. We had a nice California weather, 75-80 degree Fahrenheit. The guests brought several colorful Bathukammas and the park was filled with people in traditional attire and decorated Kolas while singing melodious “Bathukamma” songs in the background. The women were actually singing most of the songs.

The event started with raffles for children and quizzes on Telangana history, geography, literature and natural resources which had a tremendous response from the participants. It is impressive that about one out of four participants in Bathukamma celebrations were children, meaning that parents were interested to reinforce culture and traditions to next generation. It is not an easy task for parents to convince children and help them participate.

Women in colorful silk “Sarees” and traditional Indian dresses played Bathukamma, forming a huge circle. They were extremely enthusiastic, enjoyed singing and dancing around beautiful Bathukammas. It was a first time experience for some. The prizes were awarded for best Bathukammas. Gauramma Puja was performed by elders while younger generation was paying attention and learning the traditions. Bathukammas were immersed by singing traditional “Bathukamma immersion” song.

We did celebrate 2nd mile stone of T-State formation, Cabinet approval. The kids were in the fore front to cut the cake decorated as “Telangana 29th State” and the shape of it. We won’t accept any strings attached to common capital nor 10 years of saga. There is no need for more than one to three years for the transition and no precedence in the history for such an arrangement with capital in the middle of one region, Telangana. We must be vigilant in negotiations and pay attention to details going forward and conclude the remaining steps.

Various games such as musical chairs, running, spoon and marble were held for women and children. The women really enjoyed playing musical chair, long lasting play ended with fierce competition. The prizes were awarded for all activities and most of the kids walked away with wrapped gifts from raffle or other participations.

This event would not have been successful without countless hours spent on planning and execution by a cohesive, dedicated and hard working volunteers and generous sponsorship from “Dosa Place”, “Arka” and “Shree Jewelers”.

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