Ex DGP blows the lid on Kiran conspiracy

Ex DGP Dinesh Reddy made shocking revelations in a press meet conducted today. He revealed CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s grand conspiracy to stall the formation of Telangana.

It is now very clear from Dinesh Reddy’s statements that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is the mastermind behind the Anti-Telangana protests in Seemandhra.

Dinesh stated “After July 30th CWC resolution, CM Kiran has completely turned against Telangana. Kiran asked me not to deploy security forces in Seemandhra ahead of July 30 CWC decision. CM Kiran asked me to lie that formation of Telangana would lead to Naxal problem. He does not like Telangana state formation.

Kiran pressurized me to give permission to the Anti-Telangana meeting by APNGOs  on August 7th. CM Kiran was also angry on me as I did not give permission for Seemandhra lawyers’ Anti-Telangana meeting in Hyderabad.”

EX DGP also went on to say that he has documentary evidences for every word he is speaking now.

“CM Kiran’s own brother Santosh Reddy is into illegal land settlements. He has tried to influence me several times.”

When asked if he was not worried about repercussions to these sensational revelations, Dinesh Reddy confidently replied “yeh kisi kaa baap kaa jaagir nahi” (this is not someone’s fief).

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