Take back land allotted to K Raghavender Rao

Noted Telangana singer Rasamayi Balkishan demanded that the state government should take back the land allotted to film director K Ragavendar Rao.

Balkishan said that the land on which Cinemax Multiplex is built was originally allotted to Raghavender Rao to build a re-recording theatre and other infrastructure for the film industry.

The allotment agreement with state government clearly mentions that the land should not be used for any other purpose than the stated purpose.

Till 2006, the said land was vacant and the state government issued GO 191 ordering the authorities to take back the land.

But, flouting all agreemnt rules and GO 191, K. Raghavender Rao built a commercial complex in the said land and leased it out to Pubs, Restaurants and the Cinemax multiplex.

Rasamayi Balkishan demanded that the state government should immediately confiscate the commercial complex. He is preparing to wage a legal battle and also launch a protest in front of Cinemax soon.

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