Brand Hyderabad Intact: Facebook expanding Hyderabad office

Time and again the anti-Telangana forces have been spreading mis-information that “Brand Hyderabad” is affected due to Telangana movement. But, it has been proved enough number of times that Hyderabad stands on a rock solid foundation with several advantages and statehood movement has no negative impact on the city’s prospects.

In the past two years, several global majors have either set up shop in Hyderabad or have expanded their operations here. Facebook is one such global conglomerate, which came to Hyderabad at a time when the Telangana movement was raging.

After completing about two successfull years, Facebook has now decided to expand its Hyderabad operations.

Speaking to media, Facebook India director-online operations Kirthiga Reddy informed that they were scaling up operations in India, through their centre in Hyderabad.

The news comes as a shot in the arm for separate state advocates. They have been long arguing that Hyderabad is a city with several inherent advantages – like availability of quality manpower, large tracts of land, excellent weather, decent infrastructure and also affordable cost of living.

Moreover, the statehood activists have ensured that the industry does not suffer in anyway due to the ongoing agitation.

The latest move by Facebook proves yet again that Brand Hyderabad is only set to flourish in the coming years.


“Brand Hyderabad” intact despite Telangana agitation

– Telangana agitation not hampering investments: CM Kiran

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