T-Cong, T-TDP leaders start abandoning sinking ships

After hoping against hope that the Congress high command would take a positive step towards Telangana creation, the party MPs have now decided to jump the sinking ship. At least 3 Congress MPs from Telangana have now confirmed that they would be joining TRS sooner rather than later.

Nagar Kurnool MP Manda Jagannadham would be first one in the queue. Warangal MP Siricilla Rajayya and Peddapalli MP Vivek are also getting ready to shift loyalties.

The situation in Telugu Desam party is no different. Several MLAs, who have waited enough to see if their leader Chandra Babu would support statehood movement, have now decided to abandon TDP.

On Monday, Telugu Desam Party MLA Gangula Kamalakar representing Karimnagar Assembly Constituency joined Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

The situation of both Congress and TDP can be understood by the fact that a whopping 50 MLAs have deserted these two parties in the state. As elections near, it is clear that more MLAs are going to abandon these two sinking ships.

In 2009 elections, both Congress and TDP promised statehood to the people of Telangana. while Congress won 50 MLA seats, TDP had won 39 MLA seats. But. both these parties are now paying a heavy price for betraying the people of Telangana. Both the parties have seen a steady erosion of leaders and cadre in the last 4 years.

If the current happenings are any indicator, then we can be sure that Congress and TDP are inching towards near extinction in 2014 elections.

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