State revenue through Stamps & Registration up manifold in the last years.

Since the formation of separate Telangana state, the state has been witnessing steady rise in its revenue in all departments.

This year for the first six the revenue amounted to Rs 7,212 crore which is 48 percent compared to the period last year.

As against the budget estimate of Rs 12,500 crore, there was Rs 12,372.72 crore last year. For the present financial year 2022-23, the expectation was Rs 15,600 crore but in the first six months, the revenue ls amounted to Rs 7,212 crore.

The land rates increased in separate Telangana by three timesaving purchasing power of people too increased. This helped the department earn more revenue.

The revues of stamps and registration department that was Rs 2,175 crore in 2014-15 now in 2021-22, it is Rs 12,372 crore, a great increase.

Last year only nine lakh documents were registered. Now this year 20 lakh documents were registered.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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