Amazon to AWS and invest Rs 36,300 crore in Telangana, minister Mr KTR Welcomes.

In a major boost to the industry and employment opportunities, Amazon launched the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region in Hyderabad. It proposes to invest Rs 36,300 crore over the years and provide employment to 48,000 people every year.
Mr KTR has said the Telangana government realised the importance of cloud computing power. He said they are working with experts in e-governance, Healthcare, and municipal activities. With the establishment of the AWS region, it would help many enterprises to come up, help startups and provide cloud computing services to government services.
Telangana has emerged as progressive data centre hub as the giant IT companies are choosing Hyderabad.
The investment by Amazon would add Rs 63,600 crores to the country’s GDP, he said.
Amazon data services infrastructure services vice president Mr Kalyana Raman said the Hyderabad region AWS will get big support from the company.
The industry friendly policies and dedicated services of IT minister Mr KTR are paying dividends now. The youth of Telangana can now look for coveted jobs within Telangana and need not migrate to distant places.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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