Green cover in Telangana increased by 334 square kilometres in the last two years, RBI report.

The forest cover in Telangana state increased significantly in the last two years.
The RBI report released recently observed that for the years 2019 to 2020, the forest cover increased to 632 square kilometers due priority given by the state government.
Meanwhile, the Palle Pragathi, Pattana Pragathi, Avenue plantation and regeneration of forest led to increased green cover in 334 Square kilometers additionally.
During the same period, the forest to the extent of 1,428 square kilometers in Gujarat had come down and Madhya Pradesh lost forest in an extent of 285 square kilometers.
In Telangana the forest cover in 2015 was 19,854 square kilometers and now in 2022, it is 21,214 square kilometers.
The Telangana government drew a long term plan for increasing the forest cover. As against the target of pitching 230 crore plants under Haritha Haram, it had already planted 235.59 crore plants which is 102.6 percent. The extent of plantation of 2,549 square kilometers in 2015 has been increased to 2,848 square kilometers by 2021 thus making the Telangana state a role model in the country.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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