Safer, smarter and slum free city

The TRS government has announced several initiatives to make Hyderabad a safer, smarter and slum free city. With the city being on the radar of global investors, government has proposed to make it safe and crime free first. Investment for improvement of city infrastructure is proposed to make it retain its attractiveness to global investors, said Eatala Rajender, Finance Minister, in his budget address.

Assistance to GHMC, HMR and HMWSSB has been increased with a view to ensure better civic amenities in the city. The GHMC gets Rs. 250 crore for taking up slum free programme and the water board is given Rs. 581 crore for improvement of water supply in the slums and for Krishna and Godavari water supply schemes. An amount of Rs. 416.67 crore is proposed as loan to the HMR.

Under the centrally assisted development scheme for small and medium towns, Rs. 374.73 crore is proposed in the budget. For improvement of drinking water supply and sanitation facilities in municipal areas an amount of Rs. 200 crore is proposed under the externally funded Municipal Development Project. Besides, Rs. 150 crore is proposed as assistance to municipalities under the award of the State Finance Commission.

Source: The Hindu

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