Artists come together at Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

The Art@Telangana moved to the Salar Jung Museum on Monday, as a selection of paintings created during an art camp went on display. A lead up to the art show was the 1988 documentary ‘Maa Ooru’ by award-winning film maker B Narsing Rao. Showing life at the turn of last millennium, the documentary captures the ebb and flow of village life from an artist’s perspective. “Everything in village is a work of art. Painted pots, colourful door frames, women’s jewellry, men’s turban, children doing cartwheels, the pattern of harvested paddy field and even cowbells are a form of art,” said Narsing Rao, at the end of the show. The village world captured in the documentary might have disappeared, but in the paintings created by the artists from Telangana, the village life was very much evident. Spotted at the launch were Jagdish Mittal, Anju Poddar, Fawad Tamkanat and other members of the art frat.

Source: The Times of India

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