Rs 14,000 Crore More to be Spent to Raise Power Production in TS

About 7,500 MW of power will be needed to operate the proposed lift irrigation projects in the state, according to a state government’s estimate.

The power utility has, therefore, revised its estimate and decided to spend Rs 14,000 crore more to increase the total installed capacity of power by 2018-19.

Initially, the government had planned to pump Rs 91,500 crore in the next four years to raise the total installed capacity of power to 25,000 MW. Financial tie-ups have been made for investments to the tune of Rs 91,500 crore and financial closure was done in the case of some projects.

With the latest demand from the irrigation department that it required 7,500 MW of power to operate lift irrigation projects, the power utility is now planning to spend Rs 1,05,500 crore over the next four years.

Energy minister G Jagadish Reddy told the Assembly in his reply to a short-duration discussion on the power situation in the state.

The government planned a number of lift irrigation schemes (LISs) to supply water for irrigation, drinking water and industrial purposes. The major planned schemes include Kaleswaram, Kalwakurthy, Komaram Bheem and Plamuru-Rangareddy. These LISs are expected to be operational 16 hours every day between August and November every year, according to sources in the energy department.

Reddy said the Andhra Pradesh government did not supply Telangana’s share of 1,559 MW from Sileru complex (390 MW), Krishnapatnam (862 MW) and wind power from projects in Anantapur (307 MW).

Despite AP’s non-cooperation and non-adherence to the AP Reorganisation Act, the TRS government was able to make Telangana free of power cuts within six months of the state’s formation, he claimed.

Source: The New Indian Express

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