Record food production in Telangana, Minister Mr KTR.


The Telangana state has broken its own record in food production. If one compared the food production before and after formation of separate Telangana state, one could observe the phenomenal growth in agricultural sector in the state.

However, the Central government was cooperating with the state government on paddy procurement. As a result the farmers in Telangana are left helpless.
Mr Rama Rao said the Telangana state had improved the irrigation and agricultural sectors unprecedently and introduced the farmer friendly policies that resulted in the phenomenal food production.
He sought to know why the current problem of paddy procurement cropped up but for the discriminatory attitude of the central government. When the Centre was ready to buy all the paddy from Punjab state and why from the Telangana framers?.
The minister greeted the farmers on the National Farmers Day and on the occasion he highlighted their plight as well.

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