PM Modi faces the ire of Telangana youth in Hyderabad.

Every time Prime Minister Mr Modi is visiting Hyderabad, he is not only being received by the chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao due to discrimination of BJP’s discrimination, he is also facing disgrace from the youth.

On Thursday, Mr Modi is to take part in the 20th anniversary of Indian Business School (ISB) and there were all flexi boards at every public place asking Mr Modi what he did to Telangana.

They put up flexi boards with each question on each board such as “What is ITIR?’, What happened to Bayyaram Steel Factory?, What happened to the national project status to Kaleswaram?, What BJP did to Telangana? And so on.

Meanwhile, the local BJP leaders instead of answering them or briefing the Prime Minister Mr Modi, launched an attack against Mr KCR. They said unable to face Mr Modi, the chief minister was going to Bangalore. Indeed, it was fixed long ago and Mr KCR openly expressed his displeasure at Mr Modi on several occasions. Poor BJP leaders lacked understanding and were trying to put up a big show of Mr Modi who is hard to spend about an hour in Hyderabad.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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