Telangana government now focuses on the rejuvenation of streams.

After reviving the scores of village tanks under the Mission Kakatiya, now the state government has focused on the rejuvenation of streams across the state.

In the first phase, it had taken up construction of a total of 625 check dams across the streams of which 200 were already completed. The rest 425 are expected to be complete by this month.

The Telangana government has obtained a loan from NABARD for the purpose and allocated Rs 3,825 to the construction of a total of 1,200 check dams all over the state. The objective of the programme was to save every drop of rainwater and improve the groundwater level and also help farmers irrigate crops all through the year.

Unlike in the past, now the construction of check dams is being taken up after a scientific study and assessment. If it was necessary, would the stream receive so much water to store in a check dam, what should be the height, and would water sink into the earth and help improve groundwater levels among other issues. The engineering officials on this special duty.

In the integrated state too such check dams were taken up but they were not with a thorough study and many of them became defunct now.

The present situation would be different as the Telangana government was determined to utilise every drop of rainwater and ensure the availability of water for irrigation, and drinking water needs for people and cattle in every village.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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