Parkal by-election a ‘litmus test’ for Telangana movement

Photo: TRS candidate Molugoori Bikshapathy campaigning in Vellampalli village

J R Janumpalli

Parkal by-election is not simply one of the 18 by-elections to be held on 12-06-2012 in the state. It is the only by-electioin in Telangana region this time around. A chance to express the indefatigable desire for Telangana statehood, independent of internicine battles of Cngress and its rebellious offspring YSRCP, the arch enemies of Telangana, in andhra region.

In the last 12 years Telangana movement has gone through many ups and downs and reached to this stage. In the long drawn struggle, Telangana people have exhibited their uncanny ability to extend the struggle, weathering the treacherous onslaught of formidable forces inimical to Telangana state. Yet, there was a subtle growth of infirmities in the body politic of Telangana movement. They are slowly rearing their ugly heads and are discernible in this crucial election. The inordinate political ambition of BJP; the inability of TRS to keep BJP within its bounds; the lackadaisical attitude of TJAC in resolving the issues of its constituents – TRS and BJP; personal, political ambitions of some individuals are some of these maladies.

BJP won in Mahaboobnagar due to the inability of TRS to reason with them and the insouciant attitude of TJAC. The means BJP has adopted in the election did not cover itself with glory either. Its sincerity of purpose has come under a cloud of doubt. But paradoxically, the win has gone to their head. They started believing that the lone win in MBNR has made them major partner in Telangana movement overnight and only they can get Telangana. It is reminiscent of the demeanor of Congress and TDP earlier, confusing Telangana electorate. They have abandoned their earlier comraderie with TRS and TJAC and started dictating terms to them in an uncharitable manner. As a constituent of TJAC it can not claim to contest in each and every by-election. Moreover, in Parkal it can not say that it has majority over TRS. Despite its support in loksabha, the behaviour of BJP after Mahaboobnagar by-poll can not be said was in the best interest of Telangana state.

TRS as a major constituent in TJAC did not act diplomatically enough to get the truculent BJP along with it in Mahaboobnagar bypoll. It has also failed to estimate and manage the splinter groups that have gone to BJP side. Its alleged cold war with TJAC after the poll is unwarranted and can be counterproductive. TRS has to be more prudent in its relations with TJAC. The TJAC in its naivity has allowed the Mahaboobnagar bypoll to go out of its control. It is still suffering with the same syndrome. Yet,TJAC is very important to our movement. It represents all sections of Telangana society. We need it even in Telangana State for equitable reconstruction of the state. It has to acquire necessary wherewithal to play its historical role with its own strength. It has to ensure consensus in its constituents in the matter of elections. If it can not, it has to go along with the party which has got majority support in the constituency. The political ambitions of some activists is another debiltating factor. This has to be curbed by all means. After all Telangana movement is for the political rights of all Telangana people not for the prospects ofsome individuals or political parties.

Konda Surekha and her YSRCP candidature is the most menacing aspect in parkal by-election. The brutal attack by she, her husband and their cohorts on Telangana activistsu at Manukota two years ago is still fresh in our minds. After hearing her interview with Ghanta Chakrapani (WAtch the clip here: , we now know how deeply she is bitten by ‘United AP’ bug and how strongly she is enslaved to YSR legacy. By any chance if she wins in Parkal it would be a monumantal mistake by us. The brave act of our youth driving back Jagan from Vangapalli, will go in waste. All the goodwork we have done in the 2010 and March, 2012 by-elections will come to a naught. It will make United AP forces enter into our backyard. This has to be stopped under any circumstances.

Whatever inequities that are rearing up in our movement can be resolved after the elections. But, as for now, TJAC has to come very strongly in support of TRS candidate, casting aside its vacillating attitude. The TRS has to work very hard to make its candidate win, employing all the strength at its disposal. All the Telangana activists have to keep their personal predelictions of individuals and political parties aside and give their undivided attention to winning Parkal by-election by TRS candidate with a thumping majority over Surekha and others.

For, winning Parkal election can be regarded, as a ‘litmus test’ for our future ‘Telangana Movement’ and getting our State.

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