Lok Satta to support Telangana resolution!

Photo: NJP campaigning in Parakala

We are not sure if Nagabhairava Jaya Prakash Narayan has got some new enlightenment or he has turned into any other normal politician. But, his recent utterances on Telangana are really amusing. In fact they speak volumes about how unreliable he is.

In an apparent attempt to garner a few votes in Parakala assembly elections, Jayaprakash Narayan has extended his support to the statehood movement.

He said “Neglecting peoples’ aspiration of statehood to Telangana for long was not proper”. He also demanded the state and central governments to pay attention to the desire of the people in the region and address the issue immediately instead of treating the public as mere vote banks and exploiting them for political needs. Addressing a press conference at Warangal on Wednesday, he said that the Lok Satta Party would be ready to support if a resolution was moved in the state assembly on Telangana issue.

“In a federal system of governance peoples aspirations should be honoured. There is nothing wrong in creating a new state if people desired so,” NJP stated.

But, we have a set of simple questions to ask.

– Why did you forget this simple logic all these days Mr. Nagabhairava?
– Why did you rush to Delhi as soon as Dec 9th statement was made?
– Why did you advise the Delhi bosses to issue another statement (on 23rd Dec) to stall the formation of Telangana?
– Why did you advise the UPA government to appoint the Srikrishna Committee?
– Why did you keep mum for months together even after the damning SKC secret chapter was out?
– Will you now talk about your support to Telangana statehood even in the Seemandhra election campaigns too?

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