Old antiques reinstalled at Ravindra Bharathi

In the early 1970s, two German-made Projector were imported to Hyderabad and were set up on the second floor of Ravindra Bharathi. The projectors were used for the screening of regional and globally prominent films.

Unfortunately, the film screenings came to a halt in the late 1980s and the projectors were kept unused since then. After a point, the projectors were dismantled, which were considered as a scrap.

With the initiative of Mamidi Harikrishna, Director, Department of Language and Culture, Telangana, reconstruct and reinstall works began in 2015.

The technicians with the knowledge of old technology were consulted. After two years of continuous hard work, the projectors have been reinstalled in 2017 and are placed on the same floor of Ravindra Bharathi.

The projectors, being open for public, are now the center of attraction at Ravindra Bharathi. The visitors are showing a keen interest in the antique pieces.

“Everyone who visits Ravindra Bharathi is fondly watching these antique pieces, with all the surprise and taking selfies,” said Mamidi Harikrishna, Director, Department of Language and Culture.

He went on and said, “The same thing has been happening in Telangana for the last 4 years- to rebuild the past glory of Telangana, in every walk of life.”

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