News about low literacy rate in Telangana only exposes Congress-TDP rule

As the election mode sets in Telangana, opposition parties are hunting for opportunities to criticize the ruling TRS government. Ironically, the incompetent opposition is also coming up with misleading facts to defame the TRS party.

Few media houses have published stories this week that Telangana has low literacy rates. And the opposition parties are trying to sling mud on TRS party using these newsclips.

Trying to attribute low literacy in Telangana to TRS party proves the desperation of Congress party and its allies.

Literacy is measured as part of the Census that happens every ten years. The last time Census happened in this country was in 2011.

Anyone with an iota of commonsense will understand that it was TDP and Congress governments which ruled the erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh during this period. To be precise, the low literacy rates of Telangana are a classic proof of how this region was discriminated in united AP.

Telangana was formed in 2014, and there is no way TRS can be accused about what happened before 2011.

TRS government has been giving utmost importance to education sector. Hundreds of new Residential Schools have been established in Telangana in the last four years. Enrollment in state govt schools has shot up considerably.

By trying to accuse TRS government responsible for poor low literacy rate in Telangana, the opposition parties have clearly scored a self-goal before elections in Telangana.

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