Mr Modi turns into a street fighter with states over power supply issues

Mr Modi is unable to stomach the popularity of state governments such as New Delhi and Telangana that are providing free power to the needy.
Day after day, his government is coming up with quarrelsome and contentious rules throttling the popular governments. Now Mr Modi’s government has issued a stricture stopping power supply to states.
Telangana electricity boards have already paid Rs 1,370 crore. But the centre has directed the national load dispatch centre (NLDC) to stop power supply to 12 states in the country since last midnight.
A case has been pending with the High Court that says the centre should not interrupt power supply until further orders. However, the centre resorted to the contempt of court only to take revenge against popular governments that the BJP feels threatened in next general elections.
Actually the NLDC has no role in power purchase by states. It should be concerned with grid discipline only.
Telangana Transco and Genco chairman D Prabhakar Rao has said it was unfortunate that the centre asked power exchange to stop power supply despite the case pending in the High Court. He said they would move the High Court and file a contempt petition against the central government.
Mr Prabhakar Rao urged the consumers and power distribution companies to bear with the inconvenience if any. The state government is making all alternate arrangements meanwhile, he said.

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