Minister Mr KTR inaugurated a suspension bridge on Lakkaram tank in Khammam.

The municipal administration minister Mr KTR and transport minister Mr P Ajay Kumar and others inaugurated the Rs 11.75 worth suspension bridge across Lakkaram tank, LED lighting, musical fountain and other amenities at khammam. He also inaugurated prakruthi vanam built at a cost of Rs two crore.
Mr KTR also laid foundations to others worth Rs 100 crore today in Khammam district.
Addressing the gatherings at various places he said the youth should introspect and think about what is going on in the country. They should ponder why nearly 25 crore Muslims are protesting within the country as never before.
The poor in the country need a job, food and shelter and not a lecture about caste, religion and patriotism, Mr KTR said.
He cautioned people against the divisive forces.
The minister said the Khammam municipal corporation is making rapid strides in development in the state compared to other municipal corporations. It was due to the commitment of minister Mr P Ajay Kumar.
We should compete in the development agenda but not in creating violence just for our political mileage as some parties are doing.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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