Mission Telangana

BJP leaders are trying to divide people on religious lines, minister KTR.



Addressing Pattana Pragathi meeting at Khammam the minister said the TRS leadership believes in communal harmony and works for the development and welfare of the people unlike other political parties which want to draw mileage from caste and religion based politics.
The religious intolerance pursued by BJP brought bad name to the country in the world.
Urging youth to ponder over, MrKTR said no god or religious scriptures advocate people to fight with each other.
If possible let the BJP leaders build a peaceful and harmonious society but not break the unity among people on the basis of caste and religion.
One should think why nearly 25 crore Muslims in India are protesting like never before. Creating differences among people for the sake of selfish political needs would not do anyone any good. BJP emerged as a trademark for creating unrest in the society, Mr KTR pointed out.
He described Mr Bandi Sanjay as a man with a destructive mind and he detests such people.
Mr KTR said the chief minister Mr KCR proved himself as a man of people of all religions while sticking to his own customs.
Referring to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s claims over releasing huge amounts of funds to Telangana, the IT Minister said that during the last eight year the State contributed Rs 3.65 lakh crore but in return it received only Rs 1.68 lakh crore as per constitutional provisions.
“Funds worth around two lakh crore collected from Telangana were being spent on development projects in other States like UP, Gujarat and others. Telangana was proud for being a part in the nation’s building, Mr KTR said.
On the Congress leadership’s ‘one chance’ appeal to people to come to power, the IT Minister said people in India have elected Congress governments many times. Even after ruling the country for nearly 50 years the party failed to address basic issues of common people.
Mr KTR wanted to know why Congress leaders in Telangana failed to question injustice meted out to the State by the Centre in the issues like merger of seven mandals in Kothagudem district with AP, failure to set up Bayyaram Steel Factory and others.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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