Minister KTR questions Mr Amith Shah.

In a long open letter to the Union Home minister Mr Amith Shah , Mr KTR shoots 27 questions.
Mr Amith Shah is coming to Telangana to take part in Bandi Sanjay padayatra. Mr KTR sought to know when the central government said there is no need for new railway coach factories, how come one was set up in Gujarath when it was supposed to be set up at Kazipet. What happened to the Steel factory at Bayyaram? Mr KTR sought to know what happened to the promises made in the state bifurcation Act.
It became a habit for the BJP leaders to come to Telangana and criticise the TRS just only for political gains.
The BJP leaders are trying to give hatred speeches and go without address and it has become a practice.
Telangana was not secured at anybody’s charity either BJP or Congress. It was hard won on self respect and it can never be compromised.
Mr KTR said why the Mr Modi government is giving funds and projects to Gujarath and not to Telangana that deserves in all respects.
The TRS working president Mr KTR urged people of Telangana not to get carried away by what BJP leaders say but by the work of Chief Minister Mr KCR.
It is the BJP that conspired against Telangana and scrapped the ITIR project sanctioned to Hyderabad by the then UPA government.
Mr KTR demanded Mr Amith Shah to answer his questions before leaving Telangana state.
Mr KTR once again appealed to BJP leaders not to give hate speeches and divide people of progressive Hyderabad on the lines of caste and religion. Meanwhile the BJP is trying to put up a grandshow in the name of public meeting competing with congress meeting recently held in Warangal by Rahul Gandhi.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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